Painful Intercourse

Dr. Robin Mills

Painful intercourse unfortunately is a pretty common problem that we see for our patients.

It effects somewhere between 10-30% of women.

It is something that definitely can be treatable and we encourage you to talk with your provider about that.

Treatments For Painful Intercourse

Different things can cause painful intercourse and that can range from something simple like an infection to something more complicated that could potentially require surgery.

There are multiple options for treatment and some of those of treatments can be very quick and easy to fix. Some can be more involved.

There’s actually a specialty in physical therapy called women’s health physical therapy, which can be a great adjunct to getting you feeling better and to be able to enjoy your intimate relationship better.

Talk To Your Doctor If You Struggle With Painful Intercourse

We encourage you to talk with your doctor about this. It’s not something to be embarrassed about.

If you’re struggling with this kind of issue, please let us know. We can certainly help you with that.

Thank you.