Your Baby Weeks 9-12

Your baby is growing and changing every week after conception.

As a continuation of our last post, we will now be foucsing on your baby in weeks 9-12.

Your Baby Weeks 9-12 academy womens healthcare colorado springs obgyn

Now that the Embryonic Period is complete – week 9 kicks-off a very rapid growth phase and the Embryo is now referred to as a Fetus.

During this 4-week period – the limbs continue to grow as the bones develop; the head becomes more round and is half the size of the entire body length.

At week 9, the genitals start to differentiate into male or female and which will be completed by week 12.

By the end of the Fetal Period, the fetus will measure 50-70 mm (2-3 inches) or the size of an apricot.


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