Your Baby Weeks 24-30

Your baby is growing and changing every week after conception.

Many of our expecting mothers want to know more about the development of their baby. In this post, we are focusing on your baby weeks 24-30.

Your BabyWeeks 24-30 obgyn in colorado springs

During the beginning of the third trimester, the fetus continues to grow and the organ systems become better coordinated.

The lungs are becoming more developed with the formation of the terminal sacs that will aid in oxygen exchange.

The eyes can open between 26-29 weeks, and the eyelashes are developed.

The hairs on the scalp are growing in and the baby is now becoming chubby with the addition of additional fat deposits.

The baby at this point will weigh 900-1200 grams (approximately 2 lbs) and will be 9 ½ to 10 ½ inches long.