What To Expect At Your OB Appointments

Second Trimester

Pregnancy is a very exiting time for a woman, and you’re likely to have many questions about what to expect, especially if this is your first pregnancy.

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In addition to learning all about the health and development of your baby, many women are also wondering what to expect during their OB visits, so we put together a little outline on what you can expect during your second trimester visits.

OB Appointment: Weeks 15-20

Optional blood work may be ordered to screen for Down Syndrome, Trisomy 13/18 and neural tube defects (spina bifida).

Also, you will be seeing your obstetrician every 3-4 weeks starting at 12 weeks until 32 weeks.

OB Appointment: Weeks 20+

A routine fetal anatomy ultrasound will be performed to measure and evaluate the fetal organs, gender, placental location, length of the cervix and the amniotic fluid volume.

OB Appointment: Weeks 24-28

A special blood test will be ordered to screen for anemia and diabetes of pregnancy. You will be required to finish a very sweet drink one hour before this blood test (you do not need to fast prior to this test).

Should the test results be abnormal, you may be required to take additional iron supplements if anemic and a longer (3-hour) test may be needed to diagnose diabetes of pregnancy.

Answering Questions

One of the most important parts of your OB appointments is taking time to answer all of your questions.

Please feel free to jot down any questions or concerns you may have and bring them with you to your next appointment.