Common Complaints of Pregnancy – Stretch Marks

Second Trimester

Developing stretch marks can be a very emotional and difficult part of pregnancy for most women. In fact, pregnancy stretch marks affect between 50-90% of women.

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Also called striae gravidarum, stretch marks are caused by the rapid stretching of the skin and an increase in certain hormones (relaxin and estrogen).

The short answer is – there is no way to prevent them.

There is believed to be a huge familial component and while over-the-counter products market miraculous results. Howeber, none can prevent them. You are either going to get stretch marks or you’re not.

Cocoa Butter is a favorite and common product used to prevent stretch marks. There is no evidence to suggest it does this, however, it is an excellent moisturizer and is safe to use.

If you have questions about pregnancy stretch marks, and you’re experiencing during your pregnancy, please be sure to ask your doctor on your next visit.