What Is A Pap Smear?

A pap smear is a screening test for cervical cancer (named after the physician who developed the test George Papanicolaou in 1928).

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In the US in 2013, there are estimated to be 12,340 new cases of invasive cervical cancer, and 4,030 cancer-related deaths are expected; this represents approximately 1.5 percent of cancer deaths in women.

While these numbers may seem high, this is a preventable cancer in developed countries.

Most women associate their annual exam with the pap smear.

The pap test is just one aspect of that exam – the collection of cells from the surface of the cervix.

A specialist evaluates those cells and determines if they have been exposed to the Human Papillomavirus (HPV).

There are 30-40 different types of HPV, however, only 8 of those are responsible for causing over 95% of cervical cancers. Types 16 and 18 are responsible for 70% of cervical cancers, while types 6 and 11 cause annoying (but benign) genital warts.

This virus can cause changes that if left unrecognized or untreated, can lead to cervical cancer over time.

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