Is This Normal (Leaking Urine)?

My Bladder

Many women suffer from leaking urine (incontinence), which can be embarrassing and significantly impact the quality of their life.

Is this normal leaking urine colorado springs gynecology

Some women feel the urge to urinate and cannot control it. While others leak urine when the laugh, cough, sneeze, walk the stairs or exercise. Some only have leaking or urine while they are pregnant.

It’s a problem that many women of all ages suffer from but don’t talk much about it until it gets in the way of every day activities.

When leaking of urine becomes frequent or severe enough of a problem, it is called urinary incontinence, or loss of bladder control.

This condition often can be treated with simple surgical procedures, pelvic floor physical therapy or specific medications.

There are very sophisticated computer systems and tests that can be conducted in the office. These can assist in correctly diagnosing which type of incontinence a woman might have and more importantly, which treatment option(s) would be best.

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