Is Incontinence Part of the Aging Process?

My Bladder

Not necessarily – but it certainly is common.

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Urinary incontinence is more common in women than in men. It affects 10-25% of women under the age of 65 and 15-30% of women older than 60.

The most common type is a mixture of having a strong urge to urinate that sometimes leads to uncontrolled leaking and leaking with an increase in abdominal pressure (or stress) that occurs with a laugh, cough, sneeze, activity, etc.

Some women have stress incontinence while others have just urge.

A strong urge to urinate occurs when the muscle wall of the bladder spasms or is overactive. This leads to loss or leakage of urine.

Stress incontinence occurs when the pressure inside the bladder (which moves out urine) is greater than the pressure in the urethra (which keeps urine in). It causes loss of urine during coughing, laughing, sneezing, or exercise.

A preliminary diagnosis can be made with a physical examination, thorough history, simple office and laboratory tests.

Treatment Options

Treatment options include:

  • Physical therapy
  • Behavioral modifications
  • Medications
  • Surgery

Your gynecologist will be able to discuss which options are best for you.

Can We Help You?

If you are experiencing symptoms of incontinence, please feel free to contact us. We’re here to help and serve you.