Overall Personal Wellness

with Dr. Shelly Asbee

Hello there. I’m Dr. Shelly Asbee, one of the obstetricians and gynecologists here at Academy Women’s Health Associates. Today I’m going to talk with you about overall personal wellness.

Overall personal wellness entails helping a women make active choices and optimizing their lifestyle to reaching their highest overall wholeness and wellbeing.

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Katie Wilde Accepting New Patients In Monument

Katie Wilde Monument

Katie Wilde, our Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner is going to be at our Monument location every Tuesday, and is now accepting new patients!

Katie specializes in adolescent care, birth control counseling, especially long-acting reversible contraception (LARCs), breastfeeding counseling and complete health and wellness. She believes in holistic healthcare, looking at the entire person.

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To schedule an appointment with Katie, give us a call:


Common Complaints of Pregnancy – Leaking Urine

Third Trimester

With the increasingly large uterus and the baby’s head pressing on your bladder, as well as the large amount of water you are consuming, it is very common for pregnant women in the third trimester to begin leaking urine.

Common Complaints of Pregnancy Leaking Urine

This happens more often when you are on your way to the toilet or getting off of it, when you laugh, cough or sneeze.

What can be confusing is determining whether the “leaking” is urine, did your water break, or is this more of the same white watery discharge you have become used to.

If you ever think your water broke and aren’t sure if it is urine, first notify your doctor’s office and then place a panty liner or pad on to see if the leaking continues.

When in doubt, call labor and delivery or your doctor’s office. It is important to have someone make sure you are not leaking amniotic fluid instead.