Appointment Scheduling Updates

with Amber Rivera

Hi, my name is Amber. I’m the front office supervisor here at Academy Women’s Healthcare.

Today I would like to talk to you about the phone system and scheduling.

As some of you have noticed, we have some challenges lately in being able to answer scheduling calls live, or of returning those voicemails within a few minutes.

The reason for this quite honestly, has been that we’ve been overwhelmed by the number of patients calling in, while at the same time trying to balance that with the patients checking in and out, especially during our peak hours.

While this is a really good problem for us to have as a practice, it still is a problem we want to address, as we really do strive to make every experience with Academy Women’s Healthcare a great one.

New Dedicated Team Member

So we’re still working on improving this process, and one of the steps we have taken is to have a dedicated team member, whose only focus is to answer phones during those peak times, along with the rest of the team when they are available.

This will allow us to take more of your calls live.

And our goal, if you have to leave a voicemail, is to return it within 24 hours.

Scheduling Through Our Patient Portal

Additionally, if you’re not already familiar with this, another great way to get in touch with us and to schedule appointments, is through our online Patient Portal.

I want you to know that we take your feedback very seriously, and we’re confident in this resource, the patient portal, and the additional behind-the-scenes things that we are working on, will make your scheduling experience easier and better.

Tell Us How We’re Doing

If you have any questions or any additional feedback for us, you can send that to us directly through our website by clicking here.

Thanks again, and I look forward to taking your calls and seeing you the next time you’re in our office.